Shepherdstown United Methodist Church
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

L.I.F.E. Discussion

Week 1 - Needs, Wants, Desires

We started out our discussion talking about Needs, Wants, and Desires (NWDs). We talked about a car, for the most part a Need, what about a pickup truck or a newer vehicle being more of a Want, and a Sportscar or the cute red convertible as a Desire (some thing we purchase out of our surplus).  We also discovered quickly that these were not black and white areas. Think about your cell phone,  do you need to send those texts, all the apps and features, internet access, you may even be looking at this now on your  IPhone or Blackberry right now?  So were do you draw the line and Were does God draw the line?   It seems wery often today, we are focused on desires and in some case feel an entitlement to them, rationalizing with statements like I work hard I deserve to drive that new car, or I love my wife I want her to have that Diamond bracelet. 
So my question is: Are desires bad?  How do they affect our finances?

Posted by kkapp 2011-03-08 23:31:36

Are Desires Bad?? How do they affect our finances?

Are desires bad??
I do not think Desires are long as it is remembered that they are not a "need". 
I would think of them as ......"Some day it would be nice to have a....." 
I do not think desires should be ignored - they should fall in the category of a "dream or long term goal".
How do they affect our finances?
I do not believe that they should affect our finances. I believe that a desire is something that should be "worked towards". If you would like to have a "convertable sports car" when you retire, maybe you should be planning or saving for that ahead of time.

Posted by dlbrown 2011-03-08 20:30:01

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Are Desires Bad?? How do they affect our finances?

I agree desires are not "bad" as long as they are kept in their place. If the desire motivates you to do things that don't support your faith, it would seem that it is bordering on a God in your life and has taken your eye off the eternal goal of life with God in heaven. This has always been my struggle with secular employment. It is what it is ...right? At the point that we have lived for God and He has seen fit to give us an excess after all obligations are would seem appropriate to indulge in some worldy excess since you have done well with your talents "good and faithful servant." So don't misunderstand my feelings here. I believe dreaming of a desired object may help keep us in line for the prize and goal of financial contentment as long as our focus doesn't fall from God in the process. For only through God are all things possible. He owns all and we are simply stewards of what He has blessed us. So the questions pops into my mind..are these things truly of God to motivate us to work hard with the talents he has blessed us with or are they of satan and actually earthly things to cause us to stray from the eternal prize that Christ already has in store for us in heaven?     Oh great! now my brain hurts!...

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