Shepherdstown United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Special Events
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3/18/18 Noon Birthday Dinner.  Dinner will be served following 10:45 Worship.  Tables will be set up by month and decorated by monthly themes.  Diners will register which table they would like to sit at and the number of slices of pizza they would like.  There is no charge but pre-registration is required for seating and food ordering purposes.
          Name1:    Birthday Table:   # Cheese Slices   # of Pepperoni Slices   List any allergies: 
          Name2:    Birthday Table:   # Cheese Slices   # of Pepperoni Slices   List any allergies: 
          Name3:    Birthday Table:   # Cheese Slices   # of Pepperoni Slices   List any allergies: 
3/31/18 1pm Easter Egg Hunt Bring a basket and meet in the sanctuary.  After a brief message, kids will be separated into groups by age for the egg scramble.  After all the eggs are collected, meet downstairs to empty the eggs and check for special prize eggs!  Make your own ice cream Sundae and do some crafts.  Please indicate how many ice cream eaters you are bringing and the names and ages of children participating in hunt so we have the appropriate supplies.  Youth usually volunteer to help.
             Name:   Number of ice cream eaters:   
             Child1 first name:  Child1 age:  grade:             Child2 first name:  Child2 age:  grade:  
             Child3 first name:  Child3 age:  grade:             Child4 first name:  Child4 age:  grade:  
             Child5 first name:  Child5 age:  grade:             Child6 first name:  Child6 age:  grade: 
5/11/18 6-8pm Muffin Making Kid's Klub Meet in the Fellowship Hall to make muffins for Muffins for Moms. 
             Name:   Number attending:      Extra muffin pans appreciated if you can bring some!
5/13/18 9:30-10:30am Muffins for Moms Meet in the Fellowship Hall to celebrate Mother's Day!  Youth included. 
             Name:   Number attending:         Guest Names:       
6/17/18 9:30-10:30am Donuts for Dads Meet in the Fellowship Hall to celebrate Father's Day!  Youth included. 
             Name:   Number attending:         Guest Names:                                                                          
 Standard Kids Klubs
Kids Klubs are fellowship activities for children in grades k-5 unless otherwise specified held at various times throughout the year.  Certain Klubs are held every year:
Chocolate Making  - learn how to make chocolate covered treats and keep your work.
Muffin Making: Usually the Friday before Mother's day (May 6 2016 - 6-8pm) prepare and bake muffins for Mother's day breakfast during Sunday School hour on Mother's Day.
Summer Missions:  multiple events to serve family, church and community. 
Gingerbread House:  Enjoy dinner, games, decorate a gingerbread house and watch a movie. Usually the second Saturday in December from 5-8 pm. 

 Sunday, September 6  Return to Fall Sunday School Schedule Join us Anytime!

This Sunday marks the return to Sunday School classes by grade.  Pre-school Children meet in pre-school room directly across from the Children's Center.  Children in grades kindergarten thru 5th grade will meet in the Children's Center for a short opening and then divide into small groups based on grade.  All classrooms are located in the Children's Center this year including the kindergarten.  Tentatively, our teachers include:
Pre-School:  Ronnie Trimmer, Sara Trimmer, Sarah Bartlett 
Kindergarten/First Grade:  Pam Martz, Sarah Crone,  Ann Baer
Second/Third Grade: Wendy Callahan, Kassy Shute, Ann Baer, Kerry Finley
Fourth/Fifth Grade: Louise Henry, Marsha Shoop, Angela Trimmer, Kassy Shute, Lori Weicht